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Learn to speak, read, write and understand Thai quickly and easily with over 800+ video and text lessons.

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Getting Started With Thai Has Never Been Easier

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Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. 99$ Lifetime access.

Now it's easy to master all aspects of the Thai language within a few months

Learn the way you want to*.

* Who said learning has to be a chore? With our course, you can learn Thai from the comfort of your own hammock or on a bustling Bangkok street – the choice is yours! Our flexible learning experience lets you pick up Thai at your own pace, whenever and wherever you fancy. All of the over 800 LTP Premium Course lessons are available as video or text files so you can learn the way you want to.  

Module Overview 800+ Lessons

Module 1

Phrase Lessons, Beginner Lessons and 300 most common Thai words.

Module 2

Grammar, Review Lessons & Beginner Vocabulary Lessons.

Module 3

Intermediate Lessons Cycle, Conversational Thai Lessons.

Module 4

Advanced Lessons & Advanced News Lessons. Thai Only Versions.

Module 5

Reading and Writing Theory & Practive Lessons. Thai Alphapbet

Your Instructors

Jay & Jo

We started Learn Thai Podcast in 2006 when Jay started to work in a design studio in Thailand and I (Jo) helped him to learn the Thai language. First we created about ten lessons just for fun and then later in 2008 after we received so much positive feedback we decided to take this to the next level.

So we created the LTP Premium course to solve the problem of many Thai learners who try to learn with books and other home study courses and make slow or little progress. The problem are not the people who learn Thai but the self study material available. Every book has its own transliteration system and way of teaching Thai. Furthermore books are just that… books and you can not learn with all your senses.

The idea was to create one source of learning material that helps people to completely learn the Thai language from simple greetings all the way to reading & writing Thai or even understanding formal Thai. Just one course that gives you all the knowledge and tools to learn to speak, write, read and understand Thai fast and efficiently.

Manuel, one of our partners, took over the site in 2023, bringing a new interactive experience to the site as well as contributing content about Amazing Thailand!

What Makes Our Course The Best

Taught By A Foreigner & Thai

Learn from people actually living in Thailand. Our instructors Speak, Love & Live Thai!

17 years in the market

We started in 2006 and have added content & updates every year. We want you to succeed!

800+ interactive Lessons

800+ lessons to help you master the Thai language, from beginner to advanced!

1000's of happy students

We pride ourselves being the best out there, confirmed by thousands of students!

What Some Of Our Students Have to Say

What You'll Also Find on Our Site

Our goal is to not only help you become proficient in Thai language, but also to immerse you in the diverse culture, customs, and experiences that make Thailand truly extraordinary. No matter if you just want to ask for directions or talk about plans for the future with your partner. We are actively working on many topics about Thailand in the coming weeks!





Lifetime Access One Time Investment

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. 99$ Lifetime access.

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