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Learn to speak, read, write and understand Thai quickly and easily with over 800 video, audio and text lessons.

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Now it's easy to master all aspects of the Thai language within a few months

Learn the way you want to*.

* Who said learning has to be a chore? With our course, you can learn Thai from the comfort of your own hammock or on a bustling Bangkok street – the choice is yours! Our flexible learning experience lets you pick up Thai at your own pace, whenever and wherever you fancy. All of the over 800 LTP Premium Course lessons are available as video or text files so you can learn the way you want to.  

Learn the smart way

The LTP system helps you to not only learn the Thai language but to truly understand it. You do not only learn grammar rules and how to form proper sentences, all lessons come with review lessons in which you can test yourself and see what you have learned in a new context. This makes remembering what you have learned easy and gives you the mental flexibility to quickly respond to all sorts of everyday situations in Thailand.

You decide what you want to train. Listen to the Thai audio and guess the English meaning or see the English and Thai transliteration first and write the word in Thai. The modular design of our vocabulary trainer enables you to learn however you want to.

Learn Thai Study Guide

With our over 800 lessons we take you from learning the basic grammar to speaking and understanding modern Thai or even reading and writing

Thai step by step.


This 1 year curriculum is just a suggested learning schedule. You can download and keep all lessons on your computer so you can learn at your own pace. The course enables you to access lessons at any time. So if you want to start learning with intermediate lessons earlier, no problem.

The course gets you started with speaking Thai as quickly as possible. You start learning by listening and understanding basic Thai conversations, learn Thai grammar, and build up your vocabulary foundation in the first weeks. This helps you to understand the basic structure of the language and makes sure you develop a natural feeling for forming and using Thai sentences.

After that, with our intermediate lesson cycles, the focus shifts more and more towards conversational Thai and how to speak Thai like a native speaker.

In advanced lessons you also learn more formal spoken Thai like you can see on Television talk shows or news reports. It is more efficient to learn a language with frequent short learning sessions instead of learning just once or twice a week for 1-2 hours. You can find more tips on how to learn efficiently in our study guide.

The One and Only Thai Language Course You'll Ever Need

What You'll Learn*

* Or Better, What You’ll be Able to Do After Completeing the Course!

Module 1:

Getting started with Thai has never been easier

  • 150 useful Thai phrases: In our phrase lessons you learn phrases and sentences for all sorts of common situations. Want to ask for directions or tell the massage lady to massage harder? We have covered this.
  • Learn the 300 most common Thai words: Build up your vocabulary the smart way by learning the most common Thai words first.
  • Over 60 Thai sentence templates: Use the Thai words you have learned along with the sentence templates to create your own sentences.
  • Beginner lesson cycles: Learn new words, listen to them in a real life conversation and pay attention when we walk you through the whole conversation step by step.

Module 2: 

Get a deep understanding of the Thai language, step by step.

  • Thai grammar made easy: You learn all there is to know about the Thai grammar in our 42 grammar and word usage lessons.
  • Every grammar lesson comes with a dedicated review lesson: Review what you have learned and test your knowledge in our review lessons.
  • Special pronunciation lessons: Many people new to the language struggle with their pronunciation. Our special pronunciation lessons help you to hear the different tones and pronounce them right.
  • Learn over 3000 common Thai words: Expand your vocabulary to be ready for day to day life in Thailand with our 318 beginner vocabulary lessons.

Module 3:

Learn to speak real conversational Thai

Each of our 73 Intermediate Lesson Cycles consists of four lessons that relate to each other. Besides Bangkok Thai we have special lessons about different Thai dialects (northern, southern, isaan).

  • Vocabulary Lesson: Learn the vocabulary that is used in the next lesson of the cycle, the conversation lesson.
  • Conversation Lesson: Train your listening skill by listening to native Thai speakers talking about different topics.
  • Grammar Lesson: We walk you step by step through the conversation of the previous lesson and you learn new grammar and word usage patterns.
  • Review Lesson: Test and reinforce what you have learned.

Module 4: Take your Thai to the next level

All advanced lessons are within 16 lesson cycles. Like the intermediate and beginner lesson cycles each cycle consists of four lessons.

  • Advanced Lessons: Learn to follow along telephone conversations and other longer conversations between native Thai speakers.
  • Advanced News Lessons: In these lessons you learn how to read, understand and listen to the much more formal Thai that is spoken in news shows.
  • Thai only versions: Besides the regular lessons, all advanced and intermediate lessons are also available as pure Thai lessons (without the English speaker). This helps you when you want to review individual lessons or simply sharpen your listening skills.

Module 5:

Learn to read & write Thai.

You do not have to but we have everything you need to master reading and writing Thai quickly and easily.

  • Thai Alphabet Memory Aids: Remember the different vowels and consonants easily with memory aids that connect the shape, class and other information with an illustration to make it easy to remember.
  • Theory Lessons: Learn the basic theory that you need to know to read and write Thai.
  • Practice Lessons: Similar to review lessons you can practice what you have learned in the Theory Lessons with these Practice Lessons.
  • Writing exercises: Print these exercises and complete them to get used to drawing Thai letters.
  • Let’s read lessons: Practice your skills with these practical reading lessons.
Lifetime Access With A One Time Investment

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. $99 lifetime access!

Trusted By Thousands of Students

Why Would You Buy This Course From Us?*

* Real Thai, as it is spoken by the locals, taught by a Thai, explained in English by a Foreigner living in Thailand for 19 years!

Taught By A Foreigner & Thai

Learn from people actually living in Thailand. Our instructors Speak, Love & Live Thai!

17 years in the market

We started in 2006 and have added content & updates every year. We want you to succeed!

800+ interactive Lessons

800+ lessons to help you master the Thai language, from beginner to advanced!

1000's of happy students

We pride ourselves being the best out there, confirmed by thousands of students!

What Some Of Our Students Have To Say*

*Don’t take our word, read what some of our students have to say: 

High-Quality Learning Without Breaking the Bank

Buy the Learn Thai Podcast 2023 Edition. $99 Lifetime Access.

4.4 stars out of more than 400 reviews

Why You Should Join This Course*

*We’re not exaggerating when we say that investing in our Thai language course is a life-changing decision.

Unleash Your Inner Linguist with Our Unrivaled Thai Language Course

Prepare to be swept off your feet by our Thai language course’s jaw-dropping benefits. Learn-Thai-Podcast.com is more than just a course – it’s your golden ticket to a world of opportunities, and we’re here to show you why our course is the crème de la crème of Thai language learning.

Become a Thai Conversation Connoisseur

Picture this: you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Bangkok, effortlessly striking up conversations with locals and leaving them in awe of your Thai speaking prowess. With our course, this dream can become your reality. Our carefully crafted curriculum focuses on practical, real-life scenarios, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle any conversation, from chatting with friendly street vendors to negotiating business deals like a true Thai language maestro.

Immerse Yourself in the Rich Thai Culture

Our course doesn’t just teach you the language; it plunges you headfirst into the vibrant world of Thai culture. As you progress through our video modules, you’ll uncover the secrets of Thai customs, etiquette, and traditions, transforming you into a true Thai culture connoisseur. Whether you’re planning to travel, work, or live in Thailand, our course will help you navigate the cultural landscape with confidence and finesse.

Master the Intricacies of Thai Language

Thai language can be as intricate as an ancient temple, but fear not – our course is here to help you unravel its mysteries! Our expertly designed curriculum takes you on a deep dive into Thai grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, leaving no stone unturned. By the time you finish our course, you’ll have conquered the complexities of Thai language and be well on your way to fluency.

No More Praying and Hoping!

Learn from a Thai and a Foreigner*

*) Jay has actually lived in Thailand for 19 years 😉

Your instructors

Jay & Jo

We started Learn Thai Podcast in 2006 when Jay started to work in a design studio in Thailand and I (Jo) helped him to learn the Thai language. First we created about ten lessons just for fun and then later in 2008 after we received so much positive feedback we decided to take this to the next level.

So we created the LTP Premium course to solve the problem of many Thai learners who try to learn with books and other home study courses and make slow or little progress. The problem are not the people who learn Thai but the self study material available. Every book has its own transliteration system and way of teaching Thai. Furthermore books are just that… books and you can not learn with all your senses.

The idea was to create one source of learning material that helps people to completely learn the Thai language from simple greetings all the way to reading & writing Thai or even understanding formal Thai. Just one course that gives you all the knowledge and tools to learn to speak, write, read and understand Thai fast and efficiently.

Lifetime Access With A One Time Investment

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. $99 lifetime access!



Module 1

Phrases, Beginner and Common Words

Module 2

Grammar, Review and Beginner Lessons

Module 3

Intermediate Lesson Cycles

Module 4

Advanced Lessons

Module 5

Reading & Writing Theory / Practice Lessons

Full Lesson List

Download Our Learning Guide & Full List of Lessons Below

7 Days Money Back Guarantee*

*) pinky promise

No questions asked

* Is the content not for you? No worries, just send an email to [email protected] and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. In todays digital world, offering a refund on a digital product is something most people do not offer and we are fully convinced of our content. However we do understand that it might not be for everyone in which case you can message us and request a refund within 7 days. No questions asked. Look at this as a 7 day-free trial ;).

Lifetime Access One Time Investment

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. 99$ Lifetime access.

Frequently asked questions

The cost for the complete Learn Thai Podcast Premium Course is $99. This is a one-time payment with lifetime access. After 48 hours  this launch will have a regular price of $199. 

Yes. We value your privacy and work with one of the most established payment providers online (Stripe) to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. Stripe is a  large payment provider that is processing thousands and thousands of payments for publishers world wide every day. For the payment only SSL secured servers are used and all your data is encrypted.

You might prefer to pay the course over a monthly paymet instead of all in one. We are currently working on implementing a monthly subscription model. If you have questions for this, please message us at: [email protected]

Yes, all our 800+ lessons can be downloaded as video or text files and used offline with your computer and / or mobile devices. We are currently working on making these lessons available for download, so please bear with us. 

We highly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser because it supports all the latest web standards and technologies. Having said that, the course works with all modern browsers.

The course should probably require 50 – 60 gb provided you download only one video format for each lesson.  That is really all you need since they are simply different resolutions.

Keep in mind that your username and password are case sensitive. If you still can’t login try resending yourself the password or email us and we can reset your account.

The course is clearly structured by modules that increase the difficulty of what you learn. You can also find our suggested one year learning schedule in our Curriculum Guide.

No, you are free to learn at your own pace and however you want to. This is just a suggestion that will give you an idea of how to organize the lessons. If you choose to follow our schedule, you can complete the course in one year. The time you have to invest daily is about 30 – 45 minutes.

As soon as you subscribe you can log in and view all of the material we have available (currently more than 800 lessons). Keep in mind that we are continuing to add material.
Learn Thai Podcast currently offers a complete one year course that is designed to take you from beginner to advanced in one year. Our complete course includes a Reading and Writing Course. We don’t offer separate courses at this time but about 400 of our more than 800 lessons are intermediate or advanced lessons so if you already know the basics of speaking and understanding Thai there is still plenty to learn for you.
Lifetime Access One Time Investment

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. 99$ Lifetime access.



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